Pride and solidarity

On Saturday, we joined our friends to march in the Pride Portland! parade. In the wake of the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting, we marched in solidarity with the LGBTQ community, to call for equal rights for all people and to honor the lives of those lost. Together, we will build a world in which all people can live and love openly and free from discrimination.

Our colleague at the ACLU of Florida, Baylor Johnson, wrote a beautiful piece called "The Pulse shooting and the meaning of 'home.'" I encourage you to give it a read. 

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Tue 06/21/16 | 11:25am

Last night, I testified before the Portland City Council, urging councilors to approve a transgender-inclusive health care policy for city employees. I am happy to announce that the council voted unanimously to approve this important change.

In May, the U.S Department of Health and Human Services ...more

Thu 05/19/16 | 2:27pm

While 2016 has ushered in a disappointing escalation of anti-trans rhetoric, there have been some steps forward as well. This month, in particular, has seen historic momentum in the fight for trans rights.

For starters, the federal government released guidelines for public schools on ...more

Mon 05/2/16 | 1:09pm

We went into the second regular session of the 127th Legislature looking to build on the successes of last year, when we worked to ban the shackling of pregnant women in correctional custody and to reduce some first-time, low-level drug possession charges. We faced a ...more

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